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Blank Copy Of W9 Fillable – Form W-9 –Request for Taxpayer ID Number and Certification–is a commonly used IRS form. If you own your own company or work as an independent contractor, your client may ask you to fill out and mail the form W-9 in order to accurately prepare your 1099-NEC form and also report the amount you make at the end of the year.

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Blank Copy Of W9 Fillable The W-9 (Request for Taxpayer ID Number and Certification form) is a form that provides businesses with the required personal information regarding freelancers or independent contractors in order to complete tax returns within the United States. The form requests information like the name and address of the IC as well as their social security number (SSN) and other information. The data is used to generate an 1099-MISC. The W-9 Form is an important tool used by employers to collect details about contractors for income tax purpose. Verifying the information on this form and keeping it updated ensures you’ve got accurate personal information. Contrary to many other tax forms, it is not necessary to send your completed W-9 to the IRS.Blank Copy Of W9 Fillable

The Form W-9 must be updated every year and be reviewed annually. If an employee provides you with an updated address or a name change, these changes can be recorded for use. The form should be retained by the company for several years. It should not be sent to the Internal Revenue Service. Remember that it is a tool to gather specific details that a company requires to fill out a 1099 form if the company earns more an amount within the tax year.Blank Copy Of W9 Fillable

Submitting Form W-9

Complete the W-9 form and send it to the company or person who asked for it. The completed form will be stored in the company’s files so they can refer to it during the year-end accounting.Blank Copy Of W9 Fillable

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